ETY ER-20 Blue small (standard fit)

  • ETY ER-20 Blue small (standard fit)
  • ETY ER-20 Blue small (standard fit)

Price: $30.00

The ETY ER-20 baby blue is a smaller size universal fit re-usable high fidelity hearing protection and a low-cost alternative to the custom made ER-Musician hearing protection. They can be used many times and are ideal for people who attend gigs and nightclubs. Recent studies of both, fit and seal, conducted at Etymotic Research and another independent lab, showed that the smaller of the two sizes fits the majority of ears and is now designated as the standard fit, and perfect for smaller and children's ear canals. They reduce the sound level that reaches your ear, usually by about 15-20 decibels, which means you can still hear the music the way it is – but at a lower and safer volume and without cutting out all the good bits. Because of this they can be used as many times as you like and are ideal for those who enjoy gigs, music festivals and clubs! They are very discreet - if you fit them correctly, most people won’t even notice that you are wearing them - and for when they are not in your ears, ER-20's are supplied with a small carry case and connecting cord; so they can sit comfortably in your pocket or around your neck until you next need them. They are also very easy to look after - simply clean them with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap and then rinse and dry after each use.

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