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Make it your mission to safeguard your hearing
and avoid premature deafness. Once your
hearing is gone, it’s gone forever – so Don’t
Lose The Music!

‘Don’t Lose The Music®’ is an initiative of Acoustix® Hearing Technologies, offering a range hearing protection products designed for professional musicians, DJs, VJs, audio engineers and others in the music industry who are regularly exposed to loud music. We also have a range of quality hearing protection products for anyone who enjoys music, including non-performing workers in the music and entertainment industry.

“At Acoustix® Hearing Technologies we want to raise awareness of the importance of musicians and concert-goers protecting their hearing from damage caused by over-exposure to loud music. Wearing quality hearing protection should become a ‘must-do’ for all concerned. Failure to do so can result not only in permanent hearing damage, but could cut short a promising career – or even one in full bloom. Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone forever, so Don’t Lose The Music!

Thomas MüllerAbout ThomasOriginally from Switzerland, Thomas Müller has over 20 years of experience in the hearing industry and particularly enjoys challenges and opportunities that leverage his expertise in the field. Thomas chose to settle in New Zealand in 1989 and joined a major audiology retail clinic to extend his knowledge of various brands and makes of hearing aid technology.Music has always been a significant personal interest and as a result of his experience in hearing technology, Thomas was well aware of the negative long-term effects of his exposure to loud music on his own hearing. Basing himself in Auckland, Thomas established Acoustix Hearing Technologies in 2004 and from there has used his expertise to setup ‘Don’t Lose The Music’ an initiative to encourage use of good quality hearing protection for musicians, audio engineers, VJs, DJs and those who enjoy live music or club-going.


  • Matt Bowden

    “I have just been away for a few months and I can tell you my In-ears were right here inside my skull for most of that traveling, protecting my hearing in the largest loudest nightclubs on the planet, monitoring my recording of music and sound effects and attenuating the noise and boredom of long haul flights.

    I normally won’t sing, record or play music without them so they are the vital link in my performance

    Needless to say, my In-ears are one of my prized possessions, and there is a lot of love for Thomas and the work that he does in our band family.”

  • Danny McCrum

    “The UE7-Pro/A In-ears are fantastic. They are a pleasure to use and I’m thrilled with the purchase.

    I have to remind myself to not turn them up too much… they sound so good I want to hear them loud! I’m convinced they have instantly made me a better and more consistent live performer.”

  • “My live vocal performance has improved incredibly since using Ultimate Ears at every show. I could not imagine having to rely only on stage monitors ever again!”

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