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What does ‘attenuate’ mean?


Attenuation is used to describe the level of sound reduction when using earplugs.

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  1. test says:

    I do shift work so use earplugs all the time. My favourite pair were moulded from a kit, they are much more comfortable than foam earplugs and last for ages. It’s much cheaper than having your ears molded by an audiologist; I’d definitely recommend them to anybody who uses them regularly.

    • Thomas Muller says:

      Hi there,
      Custom moulded earplugs are always more comfortable to wear, durable, efficient and more cost effective over a lengthy period of time than foam plugs.
      While it seems more expensive having an audiologist moulding your ears compared to moulding them yourself with help of a kit, it cannot be discounted and stressed enough that the audiologist will always check your ears first for abnormalities prior to safely taking impressions from your ears.
      The audiologist is able to safely place the correct size foam – or cotton-block in to your ear canal at the correct depth which is very difficult to do on your own because one cannot see the result prior to injecting the impression material.
      In addition the Audiologist actually monitors the entire process until the ear impression is finished, maintains a high level of safety and checks your ear canals after the impression taking.

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