Ultimate Ears UE4-Pro

  • Ultimate Ears UE4-Pro

Price: $939.00

Custom Ultimate Ears UE4-Pro - 2 Propietary Speakers per Monitor:

The custom UE 4-Pro In-ear-monitor has been specifically developed for emerging artists and audiophiles alike. Whether you are playing gigs at a local club or performing at church, it is now possible to make the move forward from wedge monitors to the detail and versatility you only get with customised In-ear-monitors.
An evenly balanced reference - quality In-ear-monitor delivering a frequency response that is detailed, accurate and versatile. Inside each custom earpiece you will find our proprietary dual-armature speaker technology. In addition, an integrated passive crossover circuit directs the low-end frequencies to a dedicated speaker for bass and mids, and the high frequencies to a speaker dedicated for treble.
The custom UE 4-Pro In-ear-monitor is hand-crafted to your ears, engineered for acuracy and tuned for the way you play.


Technical Specifications:

Internal Speaker Configuration: 2 proprietary precision balanced armatures per Monitor

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 15kHz

Impedance: 17.5 Ohms at 1kHz

Input Sensitivity: 108 dB/mW at 1kHz

Noise Isolation: -26dB

Jack Size: 3.5mm - gold plated - right angle

Cable Length: 121.9cm (48") or 162.5cm (64")


Colour: clear translucent only
Artwork: UE logo in chrome silver

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