Ultimate Ears UE1-Pro

  • Ultimate Ears UE1-Pro

Price: $1,033.00

Custom UE1-Pro - 4 Propietary Speakers:

Developed specifically for performing artists who desire significant stage bleed while performing. Inside the custom earpiece you will find four speakers - two for the right channel and two for the left channel - which deliver a summed stereo experience with the full clarity of all instruments and without loss of audio signal.

The proprietary dual-armature and dual bore speaker system with integrated passive crossover circuit directs the low-end frequencies to dedicated speakers for bass and mids and the high frequencies to dedicated speakers for treble, while maintaining clear detailed vocals and other instruments found in the mid range. The result is an evenly balanced frequency response with the best possible detail while taking into account the introduction of ambient stage noise.

It is the ideal solution for performing harmonies and acoustic sets or for playing in small venues and special events when it is imperative to hear the stage noise and crowd cheer.

For this application, the custom UE - 1 Pro is much more convenient and practical than a pair of In-ear-monitors. The single cable eliminates the need for a standard Y-cable. The UE -1 Pro is compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices.

Technical Specifications:

Internal Speaker Configuration: 4 proprietary balanced armatures (Stereo)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 18 kHz
Impedance: 104 ohms @ 1kHz
Input Sensitivity: 101.4 dB @ 1 kHz
Efficiency: 117 dB @ 1mW
Noise Isolation: -26 dB monaural only - left or right ear
Jack size: 3.5 mm - gold plated - right angle
Cable Length: 121.9cm (48") or 162.5cm (64")

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