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  • Custom made ER – Musician Hearing Protection
  • Custom made ER – Musician Hearing Protection

Price: $360.00

The ER-Musician Hearing Protector is a hearing protector with a revolutionary filter that provides flat attenuation over a frequency range of 125 - 8000Hz.

As a result of the flat attenuation, the sound keeps its natural wave without any distortion, similar to turning down the volume of a stereo or a radio.

They are custom-moulded to your ears and made from a medical grade silicone for comfort.

Professional musicians and DJs usually buy these, but if you are a photographer or concert goer regularly attending at loud gigs and clubs you should think about investing in a pair.  They are at the more expensive end of the hearing protection price range because they are tailor made to fit your ear, but they are well worth it.  Custom-made ER-Musician Hearing Protectors are carefully and individually crafted to minimise any occlusion effect (blocked up feeling).

Custom-made ER-Musician Hearing Protectors:

  • use a broadband filter to attenuate the music without distortion so you can still enjoy it while protecting your hearing from excessive decibel levels
  • are highly recommended for use to musicians and people working in the music industry
  • are the acknowledged gold standard for the music industry
  • provide 15dB flat attenuation as standard - but attenuators are interchangable to 9dB or 25dB which can be supplied as agreed or can be purchased in addition
  • come with a 2 years manufacturer's guarantee on sound seal and workmanship

Custom-made ER-Musician Hearing Protectors
are ideal for:

  • all musicians whether playing in a band or an orchestra
  • DJ’s, who regularly play in clubs
  • sound engineers
  • photographers taking images of live performing bands
  • rock concert fans who regularly attend live performances
  • people working in the music industry

To get a pair of ER-Musician Hearing Protectors, please contact us or visit us. We will take the ear impressions and we will fit you with your ER's in just over a week.

How to fit your hearing protectors

  • Inspect your hearing protectors prior to use – look for any cracks, tears or imperfections and make sure they are clean.
  • To assist with inserting your ER- hearing protectors, reach one hand behind your head and pull your ear outward and upward to straighten the earcanal.
  • Sometimes it helps to open your mouth while you insert your hearing protectors.
  • When the hearing protectors are in your ears properly, only a small portion should be visible. You should always be able to grab the end with your fingers to rotate it and gently remove it.
  • When you have hearing protectors in your ears, you may hear your own voice as louder and deeper. This is a useful sign that the hearing protectors are properly positioned.
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