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Price: $3,343.00


Aviom’s Pro16® Series is the industry standard personal mixing system, bringing unparalleled control to countless musicians around the world. Connected by the Pro16 version of A-Net®, the Pro16 Series has transformed monitor mixing and audio distribution over Cat-5e in a host of applications—on stages, in houses of worship, in studios, on sets, in orchestra pits, and more.

Aviom Personal Mixers guarantee perfect monitor mixes at every rehearsal, performance, and recording session. The interface for musicians is intuitive, and system setup and teardown are quick, with direct digital connectivity to the world’s leading digital consoles. No matter the size of the ensemble, venue, or audience, the Pro16 Series improves monitors, streamlines engineers’ workflow, and elevates the overall quality of the performance.

Aviom’s Pro16 Series is a simple and cost-eff ective way to distribute audio to multiple locations. From simple digital snakes to complex audio distribution systems, Aviom saves designers, installers, and engineers valuable time, while delivering exceptional performance to users.


• Sub-millisecond latency, from analog in to analog out
• 24-bit, 48kHz digital audio
• 500ft/150m Cat-5e cable runs
• Up to 64x0, 48x16, or 32x32; unlimited lossless digital splits
• Simple plug-and-play setup
• No computer programming


Reason 1 - Hearing better means you play better:
If you’re playing music as part of an ensemble, you need to hear yourself clearly and in context with the other performers. You can’t sing or play in time, in pitch, or musically without a good reference point.

Reason 2 - Play or sing as hard as you want:
When you can’t hear well, you have no choice but to play and sing hard. The result is bad: you strain your voice, you tire quickly, you lose dynamic range. With Aviom Personal Mixers, you control your energy and effort—so you’ll always sound great.

Reason 3 - Protect your hearing:
When monitor mixes are bad, everyone asks for things to be turned up. The stage gets louder and louder. Your ears are ringing in no time! With Aviom Personal Mixers, you no longer have to put up with loud wedges that sound bad.

Reason 4 - Spend less time in frustrating sound checks:
You can get your own monitor mix right in a lot less time than an engineer can get just one or two wedge mixes right for everyone in the band to share. Get sound check done and go relax.

Reason 5 - Quit settling for a lousy monitor mix:
You don’t have to “just deal with it” or try to get the attention of the engineer who’s busy doing other things. Get the best monitor mixes you’ve ever had—every time you play.

Reason 6 - Have confidence that things will always be right:
You don’t have to worry about getting an inexperienced house sound man or something getting messed up at the board. You have control over your monitor mix, so you can make sure that your mix is always perfect.

Reason 7 - Make custom In-ear-monitors work for you:
Being able to control your own mix makes in-ear monitors really work, because you don’t have to try to communicate to an engineer what’s going on in your left ear or your right ear. Just make your mix and move on!

Reason 8 - Sound better in the house or on the recording:
Engineers don’t want to spend time constantly making monitor and cue mix changes. When musicians have Aviom Personal Mixers, they can take care of their monitor needs, and engineers can focus on making the FOH mix or recording sound great.

Reason 9 - Get more gigs:
Using Aviom Personal Mixers gives you an advantage over your musical competition: you’re going to sound better, and there’s going to be less stage volume, which means the house can be as loud or as quiet as the job requires.

Reason 10 - Rehearse better—and without all that volume:
Vocalists can work on ironing out their harmonies, horn sections can tighten their phrasing, and the backline can work on the groove—all at once and all with more precision than ever before. And with Aviom Personal
Mixers (especially with ear buds all around), you can stop worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

Reason 11 - Have more fun playing!
Nothing ruins the experience of playing music faster than a lousy monitor mix. With an Aviom Personal Mixer, you can guarantee that you hear what you want to hear and can enjoy playing like never before.

*Yes, we realize that the list goes to 11; even our Top Ten lists are a great value.

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