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  1. What we are all about

    ‘Don’t Lose The Music’ is a hearing protection initiative by Acoustix Hearing, who is raising awareness and offers a range of hearing protection products designed for Musicians, Audio Engineers, DJs, photographers, and many others who work in the music and entertainment industry and are regularly exposed to very loud music … More about us

  2. Why protecting your hearing is important

    Musicians are constantly bombarded and exposed to loud sound and live music – their own, and that of other musicians. And so are their fans. If no hearing protection is worn, this often results in “ringing in the ears” after the gig, lasting from a few hours only to sometimes days if not weeks. As hopefully most of us are aware or know by now, this occupational hazard is harmful to their hearing and can potentially lead to early hearing loss … Learn more

  3. Find the right hearing protection for you

    Foam ear plugs do the job but muffle music and speech too much. The right quality hearing protection should protect your hearing by “attenuating” very loud music to a quieter level while maintaining clarity as well as the audibility for speech. The word “attenuate” describes the level of sound reduction provided by your hearing protection … Learn more

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